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About Nikita



      Nikita Graham is the complete package. Whether in the studio putting the final touches on her latest single, performing to an electrified dance floor, designing digital content or organizing a massive event, Nikita always pulls it all off with style and passion. Since the age of 2, Nikita has been the consummate entertainer, and she lives to bring people together  and does it under the umbrella of NGProductions™.

Young Nikita would perform musical plays, compete in dance competitions, and steal the spotlight on the runway. Nikita was brought up around music and arts within a creative family, which provided a solid foundation from which to grow her passions and career. These days you can find this powerhouse gigging as the lead singer of several bands, including Prestley, The Rhythm Method, the Live Ones, and Nikita's Reason. In 2017 Nikita and her band The Rhythm Method won the Hard Rock Casino's "Rock the Mic" competition, beating out over 120 bands to take the title and winning a prestigious contract.

Nikita's natural talent and work ethic allow no limits on her creativity: Prestley is one of Nikita's performance alter egos that's been gaining a lot of attention. An 1800's-inspired outlaw country singer whose songs are gritty and real with a dark twist, Prestley disrupts musical norms and captivates her audience with a unique entertainment experience and an escape for their inner outlaw. Nikita - as Prestley - has headlined several performances, and is currently working with world-renowned artists on writing new material & recording singles.

     Nikita is also the owner of NGProductions, an events and entertainment booking agency that co ordinates large events, corporate and private. She is incredible at capturing the perfect photograph, styling, and doing head to toe makeovers. Nikita spent many years of her life as a professional model, and was the winner of IMTA 2008 Model of the year in LA beating out 400 contestants and winning 5 additional awards. She has been the subject matter for many magazines, runway shows, and has appeared in multiple films and even co-hosted a 13 episode Television Show. Between her many talents and projects, Nikita is one to watch...from every angle.

Check out what Nikita has to offer you: photographing your most intimate moments, creating, hosting or performing at your next event/party, or just inspiring your next pampering day.


Don’t hesitate to call and book any or all services.

 You’ll be glad you did!

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