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 SPECIAL                  $200


 VOLUME FILL          $100

SPECIAL                 $75

REMOVAL              $15


Procedure & Info


     The first initial Full Set is about a two hour procedure, that is in a relaxed and comfortable setting.

     If you decided to keep your lashes on, you need to get touch ups, as your own natural lashes shed. We recommend every 3-4 weeks keeping them looking very full. If our natural lashes did not shed, we would call them "permanent", hence calling them "semi-permanent". Some women’s lashes shed faster. Typically we shed 1-5 lashes per day, with full re-grown every 3 months.

     Nikita applies individual handmade fans, not clusters to one lash at time carefully isolating them and placing the perfect lightweight fan on. If the lash extension is not properly isolated or it is too heavy, it will cause damage. The silk lashes applied are feather weight, and the adhesive is very thin and fast drying, causing no damage when applied properly.

Nikita's Lash Extensions


     Nikita is a fully trained and certified Lash Technician who has been working in the business for over 6 years. With Volume Lashes being her specialty, she has found herself quite busy with very happy repeat customers. 

If you are tired of running mascara, racoon eyes, and just the annoyance of putting on makeup everyday, then lash extensions are the perfect thing for you! 


     Message to book your appointment today!




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