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Nikita Graham Photography
    Nikita Graham is a local photographer/certified makeup artist from Vancouver with a passion to photograph all that inspires her. Through her experience as a professional model, she became captivated with the industry and reversed her role to an expert behind the lens. Nikita's extensive background gives her a unique ability to capture the perfect shot. Her clients are at ease with her friendly approach as she brings a sense of relaxation and comfort to her sessions.
     Nikita's creative talents in makeup artistry and her flare for fashion, together with her knowledge in modelling and posing, lend the magic to creating the perfect expression. With Nikita's years of experience in photoshop she is able to transform your photo from ordinary to extraordinary. Whether it be a blemish removal or a wee nip and/or tuck, Nikita can take years off, should that be what you desire.
     To view some of these edits check out her re-touching album to see the transformations.
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