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Film & Television

THC LiveHost- Hubcast Media

Chad Brownlee Tim Hicks - FB Live tour kickoff - HostTop Country

Tiller's Folly 20th Anniversary PPV Special - HostPPV

Live From Our Backyard Host - Hubcast Media

Indulge Magazine Shoot Lead - Stand Alone Productions

KS Makhani Dil Kalla Lead - Usman

Zombies Inc Lead - Barry Naipaul

Chapel Culte Lead - Nicholas Simon, Rami Mikhail

The Daru Music Video Lead - Swan Desi

Love Crime Supporting - Nicholas Simon

Theatre BC Commercial Actor - Mainstage

Much Music Musical Appearance - Much Music

Leftcoast TV Get With The Stars Special Guest Interview - Camelvision Productions

Joy Tv Special Guest Interview -Zoomer Media

MPK Celebrity Talk Special Guest Interview - Maija Predy

Growing Pains Voiceover - Hubcast Media

CTV News Herself - CTV

Holiday Moment Lead Singer - Hubcast Media

Take a Picture Tush Fashion Show Lead Singer - Extreme Pictures

Chick Thing Lead Singer - Lushx

Oxylift Infomercial - Model

Taraxca - Model

Bridal 2016 - Model/Lead

Fraser Focus - Guest Interview 

Our City Tonight - Guest Interview


Prestley - Lead Singer

Nikita Graham - Original Music

The Rhythm Method - Lead Singer

The Live Ones - Lead Singer

Nikita's Reason - Lead Singer

Contingency Plan - Lead Singer

Nikita & The Party Crashers - Lead Singer

OJ - Featured Singer

Alcatraz - Feature Artist

Lushx - Lead Singer

The Angels - Lead Singer

Live Performances

Rock The Mic - Lead Singer - The Rhythm Method

Sean Kingston Opening act - Lead Singer, Choreographer & Dancer

Cascades Casino - Prestley - Originals

Hard Rock Casino - Lead Singer - The Rhythm Method

Fairmont Pacificac Rim - Lead Singer - The Rhythm Method

The Railway Club - Prestley - Originals

The Red Room - Lead Singer - The Live Ones 

Miss Bc Theme Song - Lead Singer

The Roxy - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

Michael Cuccioni Fundraiser - Choreographer & Dancer

Langley Good Times Cruise'in - Prestley - Originals

Leftcoast TV - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

Homelessness - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

West coast Womens Show - Lead Singer, Choreographer & Dancer

Pan Pacific - Lead Singer - Lushx

Cheers Nightclub - Lead Singer, Choreographer & Dancer - Pussycat Doll Impersonator

Ocean Beach - Lead Singer - Lushx

Night in Hollywood - Lead Singer, Choreographer & Dancer - Original

Rickshaw Theatre - Lead Singer, Choreographer & Dancer - Original

Field Of Dreams Fundraiser - Lead Singer - The Rhythm Method

Washington Ave Grill - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

Doubling Crossing - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

Hemmingway - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

Oceanside Yacht Club - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

The Tap House - Lead Singer - Nikita's Reason

The Rickshaw - Lead Singer - Nikita Graham

White Rock Charity Toy Drive - Lead Singer - Nikita & The Party Crashers 

Festival Of Lights - Lead Singer - The Angels 



Hard Rock Casino - Rock The Mic Winner 2017

IMTA 2008 - Model of the year

Miss Teen BC - 1st Runner Up In Talent

Cheerleading - 1st place in Canada for 2 years

The Beat 94.5 Music Competition -1st place

Ocean Beach Battle of the Bands - 1st place


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